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Hi, watchers :)
Now I have an extra account for my artwork.
Mozgomoika is here for my newest works -- hopefully more serious works! 

This account will stay sound, I don't plan to delete all art pieces and move them. It isn't my goal. My goal is to have a 'portfolio' account with my newest and best works. 
Here I'll still post my journals (for myself, of course!) and maybe some sketchy/unserious stuff. I'm not gonna betray my old fellow account! Nod 

Look at my newest works!

A beagle by mozgomoika  Catching Frisbee by mozgomoika

I'd appreciate a watch from my current watchers, but it's up to you. 
I forgot to submit this one on 31st Decenber, so here we go. Today's right time to submit them, 'cause I had reconsidered some things.

My problem is that I can't properly pick the resolutions for the year. Maybe it's impossible, as the goals always change in time, but maybe it's my lack of organization skills.

I'll try to make my new resolutions as realistic as I can.

1) to involve in a relationship
2) to get a new dog
3) to attend to a university (preferably, in Moscow) 
4) to have a good prom with my friends, not the classmates I highly dislike
5) to paint/draw more for money
6) to learn to ride a bicycle (and buy one, or borrow) 
7) to do something peculiar with Gabby (BH, for example, or freestyle dance) 
8) to go somewhere out of region on vacations
9) to jog regularly
10) to have more intimacy with the opposite sex
11) to write something like a real article or a serious [fan]fiction
12) to participate in a dog-related event (preferably, a competition)
13) to make new friends
14) to learn to cook
15) to make good projects
16) to read more (I know, I know, it's not specific, but it's important)
17) to be honest with myself, always
18) to give up my distance obsession
19) to improve my sportive skills
20) to do something with my vision 
21) to buy a treadmill
22) to control my appetite, not to give up the diet

No 25 goals this time, I don't want to have useless and meaningless points in this list. Every point of this list is real, or realistic, and every point means a lot to me. I feel I should explain the points so I'll have the idea what I wanted before next year. Previous years I wondered at my goals at the end of the year, like, oh, I wanted to learn French, why, what the hell? So the explanations. 
1) is very obvious, yet it still needs specification. I want a firm, strong relationship with an opposite sex. Not a necessity, but a preferable thing. To be in a relationship would mean a lot to me as I want to get this sort of experience. By now I'm so very close, bound to be in a relationship, but I guess it doesn't have any prospects, so I try to keep my expectations low about this one. 
2) is obvious, too, for I'm still not satisfied dog-wise. I want a working dog, real working dog. But I'm happy with my dog at the moment, yet I can admit that my dog is nothing I'd like to see in dogs, except for allergies-free and good GI tract and nice anatomy. It is still important for me to have a dog I dream about, a truly utility dog with working qualities which I value the most. 
3) is about something that will happen anyway. It's a matter of what university, actually. Hoping to attend the right one for me.
4) is important because I want to show myself that I'm not weak and I can stand for my opinions and do something on principle. If I don't want to go to prom with my classmates, I won't do so. That is, and I won't listen to my head-teacher. It's a matter of self-respect. 
5) is important because I need to be able to work under pressure and stress. It's a good experience for me. And I also want to draw/paint more for I can't remember last time I've drawn something good, valuable. 
6) is a good point, as it is suggested by my lifestyle. Never too late to learn to ride a bicycle, why not? It's an exercise, a rather fast mean of transport comparing to walking on feet. It'll help a lot on my countryside trips.
7) is very important for I shouldn't give up my dreams and plans. Even though my dog is not as good as I wanted her to be, it's not an excuse. I should work her. I should be grateful to dog sports for my current lifestyle. It gets even more important if 2) will be done.
8) is a nice thing to consider for I'm bored with my town. It's always good to go somewhere you've never been to.
9) -- ah, jogging, I highlight this point for a reason. Jogging is all I have, sometimes, so I should remember not to give it up and to set new goals, to evolve. 
10) is a very important goal for me, too. Sometimes (now more often) I feel ashamed of not having a sexual life. I should settle it up, somehow.
11) -- I want to practice writing skills. It's important because it brings me fun, and the better my writings, the more fun I have.
12) -- related to 7), the same explanation here.
13) -- not as specific as I expect my points to be, but... is there any other way to beat my anti-social attitude? If I make new friends, I'll check this point. A sort of a motivation.  
14) is important since I need to become more practical and thrifty. Like a housewife. If I ever decide to live on my own. 
15) -- not specific once again, but a reminder to make new projects, to strive for creating new things and developing new ideas. 
16) is an example of a very unspecified goal, but it's very important to keep up my reading. It helps a lot in life and I shouldn't forget about it.
17) is the most important point, in my opinion. This strategy led me to success and it's the most helpful position I've ever had in my life. If you're honest with yourself, you're chosen the right route. It assists me with whatever deal and keeps me interested in discovering myself and my life. 
18) is a controversial point, for how can I give up something I really like to do? Are there valid reasons for doing so? The only thing I decided is that obsession is never good, so coming over the obsession is a goal indeed.
19) is a controversial too and more related to 9). I mean, I can be more sportive than I am now, and whenever I want to do something physical I can try to improve my whatever sportive skills. 
20) means that I have a bad vision and I need glasses or contact lenses. I should solve this issue. 
21) -- the most interesting desire. Actually, it would change my life a lot and contribute to 18). 
22) is a goal not to overeat without a good, very good reason. I'm not fat, I'm not very thin, but with my intense walks (around 15-18 km everyday) I don't gain weight even when I eat a damn lot. Yeah, I don't gain weight, instantly. But I feel that overeating is bad and I should measure what I eat. Without control, food loses its charm, but it's all the same with a strict control. There should be a balance between those. 

That's all. Sorry for so much text, I hope you don't mind me posting it here :)
It seems to be a tradition to summarize a year here, on dA. Even though I'm not as active on dA as back in 2011 or earlier. 
I'll submit the 2015 resolutions a bit later. 


1) get another dog
No, not yet. Not sure about this, not really decided upon the breed. I have a lot things to do now on my school graduation year.

2) participate in seminar on a dog topic
Yes, but it was all planned, and wasn't a truly goal from the start.

3) participate in a dog competition (be it freestyle or obedience or something else)
Had no chance to, unfortunately. 

4) teach Gabby catching frisbee in air
Had some progress, but I'm not really interested in frisbee.

5) make a freestyle number with Gabby
Sort of, we have a lot of tricks now and some routine. But as I didn't participate in competitions, I can't count it as a whole number. 

6) improve Gabby's play drive
I think yes.


7) perform well on school regional contests
Oh, brother, regional contests are held later, in January-February. But if I count my previous school year, well, I performed alright (runner-up of both Biology and Ecology). 

8) study biological and chemistry subjects
Well? I did. But not as much as I could.

9) engage in more contests of profile subjects
No, I didn't.


10) find someone who can be companion on walks and trainings
Yeah. Probably he is that one who'll be my companion on walks. Not sure how long, though.

11) regulate my relationship with Boober, somehow
Yes, not romantic-wise any more.


12) paint a portrait

13) paint something meaningful, not just a portrait
Not really. Some had more meaning than a mere portrait, but still. 

14) study human anatomy 
Oh! No, unfortunately. No time for drawing. 

15) participate in art contest of any sort
No, I didn't. No time as well.


16) become thinner 
Yes, comparing to 2013 December.

17) get new good habits
Yeah, a habit of not getting sick because of coldness. 

18) get a bike and learn to ride it
No, but I still hope to. 

19) go countryside more often
Yes. Much more often. Sometimes even too much.

Other things:

20) get a job in order to (1), (18) etc.
No, I didn't find the right summer job for me.

21) attend some sort of organization
No, but I'm not interested in a random kind of organization, really. 

22) get more useful clothes
Yeah, I did. 

23) read more books

24) visit other city/country
Yes, the seaside town.

25) be more social active
Seems to be so. 
iPad doodles 2 by clotus
iPad doodles 2
Part 2 of 2. iPad [mini] drawings. This set is nearly as weird as the previous. 
From left to right: a running bird-like creature, Boober Fraggle as a turtle (!), a woman who was supposed to look like Scully.

The software: Autodesk SketchbookX for drawing, PixlrExpress for post-editing.
iPad doodles 1 by clotus
iPad doodles 1
Part 1 of 2, some iPad [mini] drawings. It's, from left to right: Garlic Lock, my character, a sloth which is about to grab an apple, and the weirdest, Mokey Fraggle like Dana Scully. 

The software: Autodesk SketchbookX for drawing, PixlrExpress for effects and post-editing. 


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